Below are some links to other websites and information that you may find useful:

British Taekwondo Council
British Taekwondo Council -
Kyo Hoon Taekwondo
Kyo Hoon Taekwondo -
Sang Mu TaekwonMudo
Sheffield Sang Mu Taekwondo & Mudo -
Red Dragon Taekwondo Association
Red Dragon Taekwondo Association -
Northern Taekwondo
Northern Taekwondo -
Cleveleys Taekwondo
Cleveleys Taekwondo -
Supreme Taekwondo Academy
Supreme Taekwondo Academy -
British Taekwondo and Mudo Academy
British Taekwondo & Mudo Academy -
Irish Taekwon Mudo Academy
Irish Taekwon Mudo Academy -
World Hapkimudo Federation
World Hapkimudo Federation -
Trochet Taekwondo
Trochet Taekwondo (France) -
Ito Kwan Academy
Ito Kwan Academy (France) -