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"Tae Kwon Do is not the property of one nation, it belongs to everybody in the world who chooses its way.

Chun Ma Taekwondo

About Chun Ma Taekwondo

At Chun Ma Taekwondo, we practice the traditional art of Taekwondo placing emphasis on all aspects of Taekwondo training for all ages and abilities. There is something in Taekwondo for everyone to be successful at, whether it is sparring, patterns, self-defence etc. We encourage all of our students to take part in every aspect of Taekwondo to the best of their ability.

Our Dan Grade Students

We are members of the Mudo Academy and are recognised by the British Taekwondo Council which is the governing body for all Taekwondo in the UK.

All instructors have BTC instructor certificates and have been CRB checked.

Master David Sutherill 8th Dan
Master David Sutherill
8th Dan

Our Chief Instructor is Master David Sutherill 8th Dan who has been practicing martial arts for over 38 years.

We are a family-orientated club and we have students both young and not-so-young. We train 3 times a week in the Doncaster area and have regular seminars and competitions that are open to all students of all abilities.

Kukkiwon Registration Certificate
Kukkiwon Registration Certificate

Chun Ma members have competed internationally in several countries such as Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Ireland and Korea. The club raises funds so that children can get their travel paid to overseas competitions, lessening the burden on their parents to find the money. We believe that everyone commited to the art should have access to the great opportunities available in international competition.

In short, the instructors work hard for the students, the students work hard for instructors and most importantly the parents work hard for the club, this way everyone is happy and can get something out of Taekwondo at Chun Ma.

Keumgang Yoksa


Tenets of Taekwondo